Financing of start-up business

The idea of starting a business makes people worry about their financial livelihood, especially in the early stages when they are just starting out. As a start-up entrepreneur, you can apply for Start-up Funding. You can get help in preparing a start-up grant application, business plan and profitability calculations from Business Kemijärvi’s experts.

Start-up money is not a subsidy for the business but directly for the entrepreneur starting up to cover his or her own living costs. It is taxable personal income subject to withholding tax for the entrepreneur. The start-up grant is conditional on full-time entrepreneurship. It is granted on application by the local TE Office. A business plan and profitability and financial calculations must be attached to the start-up grant application. You must not start full-time entrepreneurship or any measures to achieve it before the start-up grant has been awarded (you have received a decision).

You can get €37.21 per day, or around €740 per month. You can get it in one or two six-month periods. To get a start-up allowance:

  • the business must be full-time and continuous,
  • you have the necessary skills to work in the envisaged field and as an entrepreneur,
  • your business is estimated to be profitable, and
  • The financing, business premises, permits and other necessary things are already known.

You will not be eligible for start-up money if:

  • you are already currently self-employed or in a similar position in a limited company,
  • you have started your business before applying for or receiving aid.
  • your business is expected to be profitable from the start,
  • you have more than a minor tax debt or other arrears, or
  • your business activities are deemed to distort competition significantly.

For more information on Start-up funding, please contact our experts or your local employment office. You can also find more information on the Labour Market Board and the My Business Finland website

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In the early stages of your business, your company may also be eligible for aid or grants. For more information on the options, please contact our experts and click here for personalised advice