Business training and recruitment

Business situations can change quickly. You may need new staff, new skills or even to develop yourself. There is a huge range of opportunities, services, training and funding available to meet your needs. Let’s explore the opportunities together.

Recruitment, training and staff development

Need help with recruitment, or staff training and development? There are many different funding options available to support recruitment and staff development, and we would be happy to tell you more about them!

We can help you find the right form of finance and training for your business. Whether you are recruiting new staff or developing the skills of an existing entrepreneur and staff. The actual training processes are carried out through our partners.

For example, in company recruitment training, the company usually pays 30% of the cost of the training.

You should also have a look at Lapland’s business training calendar, where all training courses for companies in Lapland are listed. There are live trainings, videos/recordings, one-hour workshops, longer diploma trainings and everything in between. Welcome to browse!