Fish hall and harbour

Riekkoniemi Fish Hall

Kalahall address: Varastotie 16, 98120 Kemijärvi

The Riekkoniemi fish hall is a food-approved facility with all the machinery and equipment needed for further processing of fish. In addition, new landing structures, a jetty and an electricity crane have been built in the immediate vicinity of the hall. The electricity crane will make it easier to bring fish to shore.

From the harbour there is a dredged route to the boat channel.

Fish hall equipment:

Ice maker, 2 pcs, ice chiller, ice chamber, skinning, scaling, pneumatic knife and aggregate, massager, vacuum packer, and blast chiller/freezer.

Part of the electricity consumed is generated by a 10 kW solar power plant.

The hall is owned by the City of Kemijärvi. Kemijärvi City Development Company Business Kemijärvi is responsible for renting the hall to commercial fishermen. The operational management of the hall is the responsibility of a consortium of commercial fishermen, which pays the fishermen’s key fees to Business Kemijärvi. The maintenance costs of the hall are covered by the key fees.

Further information:
Fishermen’s Association, Jarmo Palojärvi 050 5123 487.
New fishermen should attend the self-control plan training.

Price list, prices incl. VAT 24%

  • For professional fishermen the annual rent is 1016 €
  • Winter season (Christmas-February) 250€
  • spring season March-May 370 €
  • summer season June-August 280€
  • autumn season september-november 370€.

Prices without VAT % you can see here.

Fish Hall price list

Kalahall brochure pdf

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