Entrepreneurial networks

Networks to support the entrepreneur

Peer support and business networks have been shown to be very important for entrepreneurs. We encourage entrepreneurs to get involved in local and/or even national entrepreneurial activities. Support and partnerships can be found at local level. There is power in cooperation.

Entrepreneurial networks

Finnish Entrepreneurs – Locally

The Finnish Entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs, improve the position of entrepreneurs and the conditions for entrepreneurship in Finland and Europe. The organisation strengthens entrepreneurship, lobbies on behalf of entrepreneurs and networks entrepreneurs nationwide, regionally in provinces and locally in municipalities. The Finnish Entrepreneurs are first and foremost an interest group for small and medium-sized enterprises, with some 115 000 member companies from all over Finland and from different sectors. Lapin Yrittäjät is a regional organisation of the Finnish Entrepreneurs and its members include some 3000 member companies in different parts of Lapland.

Kemijärvi Entrepreneurs Association

“We are all in this together and together we are stronger. As an organisation, we provide you with local support and resources as an entrepreneur, as well as a strong network to help your business succeed. We create a supportive foundation for local entrepreneurship by influencing municipal decision-making and promoting more entrepreneur-friendly municipal policies. We represent the interests of our entrepreneurs and private businesses in municipal decision-making and develop cooperation between municipal decision-makers and officials. We act as a messenger and promoter both locally and provincially, and we want our municipality to be the best place for us to be entrepreneurs. Welcome to join us!” Contact Timo Tuominen Evacar Konsultointi Ky Chairman +358500602130 timo.tuominen1948@gmail.com

Kemijärvi Tourism Association Ry.

The Kemijärvi Tourism Association includes tourism and tourism supporting companies operating in the Kemijärvi tourist area. The mission of the Kemijärvi Tourism Association is to promote the general and common interests of the companies operating in the Kemijärvi, Suomu and other tourist areas of Eastern Lapland, as well as to promote cooperation in the area and to increase the national and international attractiveness and awareness of the region as a tourist area. An important task of the association is to organise joint marketing at home and abroad. The association cooperates with the city of Kemijärvi and other operators in the area.


Marko Hämeenniemi Camping Kemijärvi; Chairman of the Board
+358(0) 45 258 3199, tmimarko.hameenniemi@gmail.com

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