Business opportunities

Kemijärvi offers excellent business opportunities. Good logistical connections provided by the railway and road networks ensure links to both the capital and northern Europe. Up to five different tourist and ski resorts can be reached within an hour from Kemijärvi. In the same time, you are at Rovaniemi Airport, which offers not only domestic destinations but also good direct connections to the world.

Kemijärvi has a wide range of opportunities, from traditional industry, to energy production, to services. The city has a wide range of industrial sites, supported by quality business services. RDI activities are also supported by the region’s research and education institutions. There is also a labour force in the region. Businesses and workers are also supported by good public services, recreational opportunities and cultural offerings.

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Opportunity: tourism

Kemijärvi’s tourism appeal is growing. Surrounded by mountain ranges, the lake attracts visitors not only in winter but also in summer. The town and its surroundings offer excellent conditions for accommodation, logistics, catering and programme services to serve growing numbers of customers. There is already a shortage of services and new business is urgently needed. Would you be interested in bringing much-needed solutions and services to the city’s tourism offer? There is a wide range of possibilities. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.

Opportunity: industry

Kemijärvi still has good prospects for industry with a capital or small initials. As a traditional industrial town, the nature and requirements of the activity are well understood. The town is still surrounded by rich forest resources. Plots for industrial activities are available. Labour is available. Major energy investments are in the pipeline for the city. Mining is planned in the surrounding areas. Oh, and the railway starts from Kemijärvi. If you need more arguments, we’ve got plenty! This text space just limited the length of the list.

Opportunity: retail and online shop for hunting and sports equipment

A long and successful batch and sporting goods shop in the town closed down as the entrepreneur reduced his business on the eve of retirement. This left a service gap in the town and the region that is still waiting to be filled: hunters still need their ammunition and paddlers still need their kayaks. There is already a large customer base in the surrounding areas, but with the support of tourists and e-commerce, the conditions are quite favourable. An entrepreneurial wilderness hiker or reindeer herder would find a meaningful outlet for a profitable business. For more information, please contact us.

Opportunity: natural products sector

Demand for natural products and local food is growing all the time. Yet the natural products sector is still in its infancy, with plenty of room for growth and good products. Already the region’s tourism operators, restaurants and public operators ensure demand for good products made from Kemijärvi’s rich natural resources. We have affordable space to offer for start-up businesses – more spacious, high-quality manufacturing facilities can be found in the surrounding area. A sales-minded operator is therefore well placed to start a natural products business in the midst of diverse and abundant raw materials. If nature and business income are calling at the same time, you know what to do!

Possibility: passenger transport services

There would be a demand for an entrepreneurial and customer service-minded rider in the city and the whole region. Tourists are looking for a ride from point A to points B and C. Locals shopping in the evening and at night would also prefer to sit in a car on the way, rather than on a park bench waiting for a ride. Whether it’s a passenger car or a larger parish van, there is room in passenger transport for an entrepreneur who understands how to meet market demand. There would be loyal, faithful and unbelievable customers.