Personal consulting

Business finance and business development

A wide range of different donors and forms of support can be used to finance your business development. To apply for funding, an entrepreneur or business needs good plans and calculations. We can help you to draw them up, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

Corporate finance and business development

Does your business need funding for investment or development? We can help you plan, clarify your financing needs and identify financing options. Your financing needs may relate to, for example, starting up, developing, growing or internationalising your business.

The aim may be to create new business for an existing company, to promote the growth and internationalisation of companies, to locate in the area (land/premises) or even to strengthen the innovation activities of companies.

By helping, we encourage businesses to innovate and pursue sustainable growth and productivity.

We can help you apply for funding from various sources such as Leader Nordjoisin Lappi, the ELY Centre of Lapland, Business Finland, banks or other funding sources. To apply for funding, you need to have a good plan. These usually include a business plan, a possible project plan and a profitability/financial plan (including a cash flow statement).

Business interpreter

The Business Interpreter is a free online tool available to you. It offers a wide range of guides, workbooks, forms and spreadsheets related to business or development. All work with Office tools and you can download them to your own computer.

Personalised advice

Business Kemijärvi experts will help you develop your business completely free of charge. We can also help you find suitable financing. You can also reach a wide network of experts. Through personalised advice, you can get the advice and assistance you need, in a way that’s right for you.

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Jari Polvi, Enterprise and Project Specialist
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